About the MultiMarkdown forum


In response to a couple of user suggestions, I’ve decided to give MultiMarkdown its own forum section.

NOTE: MultiMarkdown is the creation of Fletcher T. Penney. Back in the pre-1.0 beta days of Scrivener, several users asked me to incorporate some way of using MultiMarkdown (MMD) into Scrivener. I had never used it myself, and in fact I still don’t use it - I much prefer using rich text (don’t yell at me, Fletcher :slight_smile: ). All of which means that I do not directly support MultiMarkdown in Scrivener myself. In fact, if you ask me any MMD questions, I won’t have a clue - Scrivener provides some basic interface options for MMD, allows the importing of MMD files by breaking them up into a binder structure, and can also pipe out exports through MMD - but my knowledge of MMD itself is very sparse.

Fortunately, however, Fletcher very kindly helped me integrate it into Scrivener and he also very kindly visits the forum from time to time to answer questions. There are also several other “power” users of Scrivener who primarily use MMD. I have therefore created this section of the forum so that there is a more obvious place to post MMD-related questions and answers, and also so that when Fletcher does pop by, he is more quickly able to see posts that relate to MMD.

All of which is a long way of saying: please don’t blame me if I can’t answer your MMD questions. :slight_smile:

Fletcher’s MultiMarkdown website can be found here:


All the best,

Another good resource link is MMD’s Google group. If you have an urgent question for Fletcher, you’ll get a quicker response using this MMD specific forum: http://groups.google.com/group/multimarkdown.

I’ll try and keep an eye on this as well, but I don’t check the forums as often as I check email. Of course, I am much busier at work than I used to be, so it sometimes takes a bit longer to respond to complex questions.

AmberV’s suggestion of using the MMD discussion list as well is a good one - sometimes other users answer questions before I can even get to it.


This isn’t a question, really. I just wanted to express how incredibly useful the MMD functionality is to my workflow. Being used to decidedly non-WYSIWYG approaches (I migrated from org-mode/pandoc – in fact the only reason I’m running Windows is in order to be able to use Scrivener), the opportunity to compile to MMD and thus integrate Scrivener-generated work with my extant workflow is truly invaluable. So I would just like to extend my kudos to the development team for coming up with this, and I hope you’ll continue to include and refine it in the future. Perhaps a graphical interface to pandoc would be a useful addition?

Thanks Henrik! Happy to hear it’s been a solid addition to how you use the software. You’ll be glad to hear that we’re still using MMD ourselves in-house and support for it will not only continue, but will get stronger as time goes on. I’m not sure about creating a front-end to Pandoc, that’s probably a task for a separate programming effort, but are looking to push how best we can support that package as well.