about the narrator in a story

I am working on my third children book now and am suddenly annoyingly conscious about the way I use the narrator’s voice. I am wondering if this is maybe a little bit out of date. I am writing a mystery story that should have a fast read. Do this kind of stories even have much narration or is it all about dialogue and action?

I was using a narrator in my novel. While writing, it seemed to be helping the story flow. Reading through, a while later, I found it lacked edge and slowed the pace. Subsequently I removed and re-wrote accordingly. If you feels the narration is slowing your story down, then perhaps, it is best removed. However, I don’t think narration is dated. If it adds something, by all means keep it.

Also, you say this is your third book. If the books are linked in any way, is a change in direction a wise move?

My books are very linked, I use the same characters and everything is happening within the same timeline. So what happened in one book can be experienced by someone in another book at that same moment but from another angle (makes sense?).
My first book was really to full with narrator that told all the time how miserable the main character was feeling about every little detail in his life. That character drove me nuts… Reading it back it’s really to much of it.

My second book has less already so I think maybe it will not harm the third book when I use even less of it. For me personally, it’s more the problem that I was using narration without even realising what I was doing. I was just writing. Now I am more concious about this element and can play with it.

I did a lot of rewriting the last year on my first book and inserted 3 new chapters. I asked my publisher if I could update it and he told me that the book had not sold in the last 1 1/2 year and in their interests, update would them make lose money. So I asked them friendly to break to contract for this book so I would have the freedom to either put it on my website as free download or to go to another publisher. That was ok with them. On February 11th, 2009 my first book will be mine again.


:open_mouth: Very much so. I am writing four books that run concurrently.

It seems quite obvious you are unhappy with the narrator having too large a part. Since as you say

you have learnt from your previous works and are now ready to manage the narration better. You’ve answered your own question. Keep the narrator. Just keep his/her input to an unintrusive level.
If, as you say, you have been reducing the narrative anyway, it’s not really going to affect the balance of your stories. :slight_smile: