About Tutorial Probably not a Bug[FIXED]

Sorry for if this wastes time but I worked through the tutorial and found a few mistakes or ToDo’s. Didn’t want to put these to feedback as a negative feedback.
Most of these were missing menu items, that are not highligted in the text. I guess highlights means you know about them right?

5a: Can’t generate synopsis from a selected text. Autogenerate always generates a synopsis from first lines
5e: Keywords HUD doesn’t open automatically and I have no keywords on it
9: View>Corkboard>Show Pins doesn’t exist
[Feedback] While changing views from corkboard there should be an option to return to where your scroller was. Now it returns to the top of the document.
15: I don’t see original in Format As. Only Novel Standart Manuscript Format and Custom Maybe Custom was the Original mentioned in the text?
16: Don’t have Documents>Merge emnu

As the Document/merge menu is mentioned here, I think it is the right place to ask my question.

Can someone tell me how to merge two documents ?
I can’t see this function - but certainly exists. So maybe I did not search in the right place.

Dragging from one draft to the other does not work. I tried.

Thanks for help or news on this.