?? About Using Beta Version Before I Download It

I want to see all the new features that will be available in the new version and can’t wait to try them out, so I’m thinking about downloading the Beta Version. My big question is will this be separate from the Scrivener version I’m currently using? I just want to make sure I can play on the Beta, test it out, without all my regular files being linked or changed in any way by it (so I can keep working with all the files, especially my WIP, on my older regular version).

This is definitely a thing you can do – I think it’s even recommended! So long as you install the beta to its own separate folder, independent from your current Scrivener installation, you should have no trouble using them both side-by-side however you need.

(If it helps at all, I have two copies of the same project, one for the beta and one for the current version of Scrivener. I do all my work in the beta project, and copy-paste over to the current version’s project just in case the beta is… well, beta-y. No issues thus far, and I’ve not lost anything, but having the original version of Scrivener is a fallback means you can play in the beta till your heart’s content without fear.)

Hope that helps!

Yes, as long as you install the beta into a separate folder. Be sure to read the instructions in “Installing 1.9.7 and 3.0 Beta Side by Side”, in the beta download thread,

Prior to converting a project to the new format, the beta will always ask you to confirm this action, and it will also make a backup of the project in the old format. That said, people have still been confused about what is happening, for example see this thread:

[url]Criticism on default settings]

So, if your current version of Scrivener is set in Options > General > Startup to “Reopen projects that were open on quit”, then prior to installing the beta, you may want to change that option.

The other thing you may want to do is create a specific Backup folder for the Beta, so your old backups and your beta backups don’t get mixed together and confused.


Thank you, Collider and Jim. :smiley:

I appreciate your replies, and now I’m eager to give the Beta a try. Thanks again!