About word target while in Edit Scrivenings mode

I love to write in the Edit Scrivenings mode while being in Full SCreen. My full project has more subdocuments and for every document, I have set the amount of words that I want to reach. It works great when working in a single document, but when I have selected all the documents and being in Edit Scrivenings mode, I cannot see my single subdocument word target anymore. I was wondering why this is, because while clicking inside the different documents, the inspector information for every document does show the correct info, why not then the set word target?


The word target shows the cumulative target for all the documents selected in Edit Scrivenings mode. So if you have 4 documents in E.S. with a target of 200 words for each and a word count of, say, 25, 100, 50 and 10 for each, then the target bar would show 185/800.