Above: a novel about a UFO crash :: Need your help!

Hey everyone, I have written my frist novel and need your help in spreading the word. I have it launched on this site in order to get it published… Chapter 1 available to test drive right on the page, and I even have a video, please support if you can!

kickstarter.com/projects/787 … -ufo-crash

With respect, you don’t need 5 grand to publish an e-book version of your novel.
Use Scrivener to create a Kindle version, and put it up for free on the KDP site.
See also Ed Ditto, How to Format your Novel for Kindle…

It’s not just an ebook, it’s in paperback as well. Thanks for the thought and info, though!

It’s also about publishing, editing, etc. If you have time, watch the video and it will explain why the project is in place. Thanks!!!

i assume you,ve not been able to get a traditional publisher for your work, hence the non-traditional route.

let me give you some advice.
if your book is good enough to make it without a traditional publishing deal it will do so just as well as an ebook as it will as a paperback. better. much much better.
people are prepared to gamble token sums on an ebook from someone they have not heard of (and which may well be rubbish) in a way that they aren,t on paperbacks. you have access to all kinds of marketplaces, resources and such the like with an ebook that you’ll never have with your own print run.

and you don,t have to tie up capital, or floor space for that matter, in boxes and boxes of unsold copies. trust me. they will mock you all the time you are trying to write your next book.

save your time and money. invest a little of that energy into marketing it as an ebook, and the rest of it into writing the next one.


Thanks for the tips. So you think doing both, though, is bad? Can’t one do both, assuming the publishing costs are low on the paperback front?

Thanks for the tips. Check out the project if you can! Thanks a ton.

i think the ebook routes out there are a genuine alternative to traditional publishing. printing your own paperbacks is generally referred to as vanity press. the clue is in the name.
not to be confused with the kind of print on demand services that the larger ebook markets throw in. but that,s really low outlay (ie, basically zero pounds). those are a viable option.

but that,s just my opinion and i,m just a cat. and not a very friendly one at that.

Thanks for the info!