Absolute beginner newbie question: document lost?

I’m looking for some kind and patient help–I’m a newbie. I have just started playing with Scrivener on my MacBook Air. I did some writing in Composition mode, then I hit “Esc” to get out of full-screen and now I can’t track down what happened to that document that I had begun writing in. I’ve spent the best part of an hour trying to locate where it got saved-- but perhaps it did not get automatically saved? I’ve looked at the manual too but I can’t get any info that applies.

TIA help for any help for this sad newbie who did her first creative writing in years then lost it,

Best thing to do in this scenario is to click the magnifying glass icon in the main toolbar (or use Edit ▸ Find ▸ Search in Project command), and then type in a few words that should be found within the document. If it’s the only thing you’ve done thus far in the project, then searching for something basic like ‘the’ ought to be good enough.

That’ll replace the sidebar with a search result list, and hopefully you can locate what you’re looking for there. Once you have it, with the item selected in the sidebar, use the Navigate ▸ Reveal in Binder menu command. This will dig up whatever folder it was buried within if necessary, and highlight the document in the main binder. You can now drag it some place better, or just simply take a mental note of where it is.

In case you haven’t already done so, be sure to go through the Interactive Tutorial that comes with Scrivener. Doing so will help get you more familiar with navigating the tool, so you avoid this sort of thing going forward.