Absolute numbering of chapters

Hi everyone,
I’ve been struggling with this one for a few days so it would be wonderful if someone here could help me :smiley:

I have a project with only ONE level of documents, which are of the “front matter” or “chapter” type. I want my chapters to automatically number themselves, but with regards to the number of chapters, not the number of documents.

When I use <$n> or <$t> only for chapters, if i compile only the chapters, let’s say 7 and 8, they will appear as numbered “chapter 1” and “chapter 2” because i selected only those two to compile.

If i use <$position>, then Chapter 1 gets compiled as “Chapter 3” because I have two documents of the “front matter” type before the first “chapter” type.

I could arrange the chapters into one folder, thus creating a second level of documents, but the book is in two parts, so there is a “part two” document of the “front matter” type in the middle that would force me to create a second folder, thus screwing up the <$position> number…

If someone has an idea … 8) Thank you in advance !!!

Front matter and chapter are two different things, so saying “the front matter or chapter type” doesn’t make sense to me … but never mind.

Try chapter numbering (in the section layout for the chapter section type) in the form <$n:chapter>. If you have Parts at a higher level and you want to start chapter numbering at 1 for for each Part, add <$rst_chapter> to the layout for parts.

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