Absolutely love the new Inspector Comments

Finally got around to upgrading to 1.5.3 and was thrilled to see the one feature I’d been dying for there in all its glory. The inspector comments do exactly what I want and was implemented even better than I’d hoped for. Thank you!

One question though, in case I’m missing it… is there a way to see in the binder which documents have comments in them? Documents that have snapshots attached to them, for example, show in the binder as a page with the corner folded down, so I can see at a glance, but it would be super helpful to be able to see at a glance which documents have inspector comments.

If there’s an option somewhere just to bring up a list of all the comments in the entire manuscript, that would work too (assuming clicking them would link back to the associated document), but I’ve poked around the menus and searched in the options and I’ve not found anything. However, I’m the first to admit that it’s quite possibly right there in front of my face. Anyone?

This is an unfortunate blind spot that we had to roll out with, because there is a limitation in the Scrivenings system that makes it so we can’t stack many documents’ footnotes and comments together into the same pane. What we would like to have this do is: you could click on a folder with sixteen or so sub-documents at any depth, choose Scrivenings, and you would see all of the comments in that entire session displayed in the Inspector. Clicking on them would naturally jump you straight to the spot. So basically you get the benefits that exist right now within a single document, applied to an arbitrary number of documents. Once we get the Scrivenings session code fixed so that they are a bit more like a cohesive editing session, rather than a stack of editing sessions, this blind spot should go away.

But there are no plans at this time to add further adornments to item icons like the Snapshot dog-ear.

Glad to hear that you like the new feature though. :slight_smile:

Ah, okay… well, at least this is one occasion where I’m not just missing it. :wink:

The feature is still amazing as is. Thanks for the response and explanation!