Abysmal support from LL

After not receiving an answer to a placeholder tags question here, I contact LL support. I asked very direct questions and provided examples of my tag markup that don’t work as expected, and a screenshot of my binder.

All I get from LL email support is constant redirecting to the Placeholder Tags document. Of course, that’s where I got my markup ideas in the first place, and obviously there’s something I don’t understand,or that simply isn’t clear in that document, as my markup is giving the desired result.

For the record, here’s the issue:

In my thesis, I have figures first appearing in Chapter 3. I’d like my figure numbers to reflect this - at the moment using the markup below, the figures start at 1 in Chapter 3, 2 in Chapter 4 etc. Also, figures numbers currently do not restart with each chapter.

Here’s examples of the markup:

Chapter 3


Chapter 4


Are you sure you are using <$n:chapter:UniqueID> for each chapter in the compile settings for the titles? If I do this then I can use the same reference and it gets the same number in the text.

So <$n:chapter:intro> in the title gets 3 for example, then if I use the same <$n:chapter:intro> in the subsequent text[1] then I get 3 whereever it is used.

To reset figure numbering, do you use <$rst_figure> at the end of each chapter?

As a quick fix if your number of levels is quite simple, have you tried <$position> and <$parentposition> to get numbers equivalent to chapter levels?

[1] subsequent is important, as Scrivener 2 cannot use forward referencing for chapters at the moment. This and other placeholders are going to be improved in Scrivener 3 according to forum comments.