Accented characters in links

Scrivener doesn’t allow accented characters like umlauts in links. It gives an error message: “The link does not point to a valid URL. A URL could not be created from the entered text. Please ensure you have typed the link correctly.”

However, accented characters are allowed in web addresses nowadays.

As I’m exporting my document to HTML files and link between them, I’m forced to use amputated, incorrect titles in the binder.

Could you please consider allowing accented characters in links?

I just tried a link with accented characters and didn’t get an error message.

At what point do you get the message?

An example: I choose “No Prefix” and enter “ääkkönen.html”. Press “OK” and I get the error message. What would work in this case is “aakkonen.html”.

Curious. Same here. If the prefix is allowed, it does work. Possible to write it with the prefix?

Not possible I believe. The file prefix could work perhaps, but I don’t know how to use it in this case. I need to be able to move the exported folder with its files freely – so that the linking would still work on another computer.

Be interesting to hear what the developers say. Hope they have a solution for you.