Accented characters sometimes break in v2.2

Love Scrivener.

v2.2 caused some kind of issue with accented characters. This is part of OS X, but it always works (100%) before the latest update. Now accented characters don’t work right about half the time.

  1. Type François
  2. Hold down the C key for a second
  3. OS X (Lion) pops up a little menu that lets me select a variant of the C character.

After the 2.2 update, I sometimes get multiple C characters streaming across the page. I’d say this is about half the time, give or take.

None of my other software flood repeated characters, whether it is a C or U or A or whatever.

I know the little popup is part of OS X, but is there some issue with Scrivener working and playing well with the big cat?


I’m afraid that nothing has been done in 2.2 that would affect this - there have been no changes, bug-fixes or alterations to the editor or typing system. (This is a cool Lion feature I didn’t know about though!)

I’ve had one or two users report something similar to this in the past, and it has usually turned out to be a third party program affecting things. Do you use any typing expanders, or anything else that would hook into the text system?

Can you notice any triggers? That is, other things that seem to be going on when this happens, or something in particular you have done in Scrivener just beforehand?

(I tested this out and accented characters work consistently for me.)

Thanks and all the best,