Accents not showing up

(Just a note: I noticed there were two other threads about accent problems, but they were rather old and not quite the same thing. Sorry if I should rather have posted in them)

A little background: I’m writing a thesis about old Norse, in Norwegian. This means that I change back and forth between the Norwegian and Icelandic languages/keyboard layouts, because the Norwegian one provides the special characters (æ,ø,å) that I need to write the actual text, and the Icelandic one provides two special characters (þ,ð) needed to write some of the Old Norse words.

When using the Norwegian layout, I can write the acute accent exactly once after opening Scrivener. But only once. To write an é, for example, I have to press Alt Gr+´+e (´ being the key directly to the left of the backspace key). If I change the language in the language bar (and thus the keyboard layout) to Icelandic, I have absolutely no problems writing accents whatsoever. An é on the Icelandic keyboard is made by pressing the lowest of the two keys directly to the left of the enter key, plus e.

The funny thing is that after writing accents with the Icelandic layout, I can switch back to the Norwegian one and write an acute accent exactly once before it stops working again. (Occasionally it’s actually carried over to other programs (that otherwise never have this problem) after using Scrivener, but it seems to have been only an earlier beta, luckily). I’ve tried several other languages as well, and for me the problem only occurs with accents that require using the Alt Gr key (or Ctrl+Alt). All others work fine.

I have the problem both on Vista and Windows 7.

Hi, I am having the exact same problem. I am on a Macbook Pro 13, running OSX 10.6.6, using the system supplied “us-international” keyboard layout. I write texts both in English and in Portuguese, and for some reason the accent marks do not respond to the layout. Therefore, it is impossible to press
’ + C and get ç
c+’+e and get cé

and so on. One either has to repeat the command a number of times (it works erratically, usually the first time you try or if the accented letter is beginning a word, so “É” works, while " cé " does not.

This is a serious issue (one I am confounded by as during the trial and for a period thereafter it worked just fine) as I am halfway through a dissertation and this hinders drafting speed to a point where I feel I have no option as to draft in MS Word.

My input sources settings are as follows:

US International
US International-PC

the option “use the same layout in all documents” is selected

I really hope there is some sort of fix for this. Scrivener is the only app I use in which this happens.



Hi, I may have found the reason (and a solution)

As I was trying every possible combination (like cáçá, céçé and so on, which aren’t even proper words), I started noticing that the accents would fail in cases in which the letter sequence did not correspond to actual words or seemed otherwise grammatically incorrect.

To give you an example, " ã " is allowed while " ˜e" is not. The thing is that Scrivener, and only Scrivener, “thinks” that many, many other combinations are also incorrect.

I went to the preferences / auto correction and DISABLED the “check spelling as you type” and “correct spelling as you type” and so far it seems to be working.



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