Accents on Words

Hi all,

I’m trying to work out how to put accents on words? e.g. cafe needs an acute accent on the ‘e’



Unfortunately, this is not Scrivener’s strong suit. I think you have to go to the Edit menu and choose Character Map, which brings up the Windows character map utility, and then find the accented characters you need.

Using the Windows International Keyboard is the least-intrusive way I’ve found to do this, though it can be a pain also. Back in the 80’s, there was a DOS-based app, possibly LEWP (Leading Edge Word Processing) that used a backtick technique where you’d use the ` character and then a letter to accent it, and some other handy tricks.

Anyhow, here’s how to do it in Windows with the Int’l keyboard:

I use substitutions to get around having to constantly futz around with international keyboard stuff.

Figure out which words (e.g. René, cliché, café) you are likely to use on a regular basis and when you type “rene”, “cliche”, “cafe”, Scrivener will correct them for you.

I copy the required word, with the correct accent, into Scrivener (paste and match style, if required) then I copy the word again and…

Go to tools, then options, corrections and click on Edit Substitutions

Click on the + sign and, for example, type in “cafe” in the replace field and paste “café” in the with field.