Accents - US International Keyboard settings not working

Hi, I am currently writing a project in Portuguese and am having problems with accents and characters such as “ç”.

I have been using the US International Keyboard settings as it allows my US keyboard to produce accents and other international characters easily everywhere (like in this message, emails, word processors…) but in scrivener (my version is 1.54).

For example, to get ç , as shown here, I only have to type and then c. In scrivener, however, it looks like 'c. The same happens with á é ó, which look like 'a 'e 'o. This makes it hard for me to work with Portuguese and French projects, so I was wondering if there is an easy way to fix that.



Standard Apple keyboard settings … ç is Opt-c, Ç is Opt-C, ñ is Opt-n n, ã is Opt-n a, ´ is Opt-e followed by the vowel you need, etc. Set up the keyboard menu (Flag menu) if you haven’t done so already from Keyboard preferences, and make sure the option “Show Keyboard Viewer” is set; then choose that from the flag-menu towards the right end of the header bar … as you hold down the shift and option keys it’ll show you where the different accents and such characters are on the keyboard.

Alternatively, or in addition, you can set Portuguese and French keyboards that you can choose from that menu, or set Cmd-space to switch keyboards …

Hope that helps

Hi Mark, thanks for your response.

I find apple standard options rather cumbersome for accents and the alternative of the International option is really straight-forward and helpful.

As for changing to a Portuguese keyboard (which is what I have done in the past) it generates all sorts of confusions, as loads of commands are in different places and you type one thing and get something completely different - so, you see a “;” but you type it and get a “ç”. You see “?” but if you type you get “_” and then you have to type “shift -” for “?”, “shift 7” for “/”… so it gets all crazy.

The mac International Option is the one that produces best results for me and scrivener is the only place where I cannot use it well so far, so I would really like to know if there is a setting I can change on it to get it to accept my keyboard in its international configuration as provided by apple.



Which version of OS X are you running?

My version is 10.6.8

Are you referring to the “US International PC” keyboard setting? Have you tried the US Extended? My keyboard is an international keyboard set to British, so on mine accents are produced in that standard way. I appreciate your problems with switching to Portuguese, but as I touch type I don’t even care what it says on the key caps, I know where things are.

So I’d better leave it to those who are using other keyboard configurations who might know the answer.


Yes, I am talking about the “US International PC” setting and the US extended does not work either.

Typing with a Portuguese setting on an american keyboard was ok until I had to go to the office and use other machines and started typing rubbish. Also, no one but me could use my keyboard… So, I decided to switch to the US standard so that I could relearn to type in a consistent way with most computers around me and am super happy with the results, but now I am suffering with scivener… it is not an enormous problem, but I would love if someone could help me out!

Thanks again, Mark.

Best wishes to all.