Access Denied. HELP

Cross-Platform from Windows PC to my iPad… No problem, (though I don’t like much the iPad set up and its missing ingredients.) But using Dropbox App, I’m trying to open my file on my other platform, which is my laptop, Windows 10, and I get this message when I try to open the file from the Dropbox App on my laptop:

Cannot Access:
File is not writable: Access is denied.
Auto-Saves need write permission to your project.

How can I resolve?

Forgot to add as I researched issue, there’s nothing t unzip. File is in unzipped folder.

You should simply open it from within Scrivener. File, Open, navigate to the project folder and the .scrivx File

I don’t see how? File-Open doesn’t navigate to Dropbox. If I pull out the file and save to my Docs or Desktop etc, it negates cross-platform backup.

You’ve got the DropBox app installed and running on your laptop, right?

The DropBox folder where I store Scrivener projects on my laptop (Win7) is C:\Users\USERNAME\Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener.

Depending on how you set up DropBox on your laptop, yours will likely be similar to that, except USERNAME will be the user on your specific laptop.

From Scrivener File>Open or from Scrivener Open Existing Project, you need to navigate to the DropBox folder on your laptop where you store your Scrivener projects. I would need to go to C:\Users\USERNAME\Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener.

If that doesn’t help you figure it out, then open Windows Explorer, navigate to where you store your Scrivener projects, and take a screen shot of that location and upload it here, so we can see what you’re looking at.


Thank you kindly. Yes… I have the Dropbox App, but think it had issues or wasn’t updated. I deleted it, redownloaded the app and all is well. I guess its the answer to many of life’s issues… sometimes you just gotta unplug and start over. :smiley: