Access to backup file after crash.

I had a crash–well, the keyboard took off on its own, running 2222222… in my doc till I exited. It ended up erasing a paragraph I had worked hard on. I’d like to get it back. (I tried to remember…but it’s just not flowing). How do I get that earler version? I have a time frame to differentiate which one I want to see. And if you happen to know how to prevent the runaway 2’s that would be awesome. Happens every now and then, and i have to reboot.

I’m afraid there’s only a backup of your work (within Scrivener) when you close the project, by default.

Are you using Dropbox to store your project as you write? They do have a way to restore older files, though you’ll need to figure out what the file is from the perspective of Windows, rather than the name in the binder.