access to tutorial

I seem to have a lot of free time on my hands during my work day these days and would love to go over various aspects of Scrivener through the tutorial. Is there anything accessible on the Lit and Lat website that would enable me to learn the software, short of having to download it on my work computer (which wouldn’t be permissible here at work)?


While it tries to pass itself off as a FAQ, the actual document (located in Tips & Tricks here on the board) is bloated beyond all reasonable FAQ proportions. Hmm. Going through Tips & Tricks and Usage Scenarios in general is probably the two best sources of Scrivener information outside of the tutorial and the online help. Since the tutorial is designed to be interactive, there isn’t a non-Scrivener version of it.

There’s also the online video on the main product page - that is sort of a tutorial, too.

thanks very much, i’ll check those out.

and thanks amber for the additional suggestions on 12" real estate–i will try those options.


The faqs are so popular and a wealth of knowledge I put a link to them in my sig so I can find it easy.