Accessibility help

I am having vision issues, and I need Scrivener to be… bigger font-wise. I can get the editor, binder, outline, and corkboard to have a bigger font or zoom in and out, but I would really like the inspector, specifically the synopsis to get larger. There is no way I’ve found to change that. I’d like the whole program to just get larger, such as the icons for the outline/corkboard/etc, but that doesn’t seem possible either.

And before you suggest I change my resolution, when I do that it looks hideous. I may be going blind, but I can still see that. :sweat_smile:

All the relevant Scrivener-specific settings are in Scrivener’s Settings → Appearance pane, and it sounds like you’ve already found everything that exists.

You might want to take a look at the Accessibility/Zoom panel in your Mac’s System Settings, too. There are a bunch of different commands, including one that will hover a “magnifier” over whatever part of the screen you want. These are all temporary toggles, so you can focus on something that’s annoyingly small without making a permanent change to your screen’s overall appearance.