Accessibility: High Contrast Theme not used?


I have recently made the switch from Mac to Windows, mainly for its accessibility features. One of them being the ability to define a custom UI Theme, to compensate for my poor eyesight that doesn’t seem to support anything too contrasty anymore.

Scrivener’s homepage, displayed with my theme. Yellowish text on a grey-brownish background? Ugly as hell, I know, but it’ll have to do :wink:

Installing the beta of Scrivener, it looks like my theme (or any default High Contrast provided by Windows) is not consistently used within Scrivener, making it less than readable:

Of course, Scrivener works fine as soon as I deactivate my custom theme, or any of the default High Contrast themes available in Windows.

Am I missing an option somewhere?
Can that be considered as a bug? Is there any chance to see Scrivener fully adopting custom themes, or would that be too much work?

If I can help you to solve this issue, in any way, feel free to contact me: I’ll do anything I can to keep using Scrivener :wink:

Edit: using Windows 10 Pro (latest version updated) and the latest beta of Scrivener.