Accessing files after upgrading IOS

I’ve just updated my mac and apparently scrivener now needs to be updated too. Any ideas on how to access my previous files? All I can find are a ‘view’ function, or open in skype, but it would be great to be able to work on them as I see that it could be 48 hours before I hear back from customer service.

It’s unclear from your post. Did you upgrade your Mac, your iOS device, or both? And are you trying to see your projects on the Mac, or on the iOS device?


HI I updated the IOS . I’m trying to see my projects on the mac.

You can locate all projects on the Mac by using Finder to search for .scriv files.

Assuming you were using Dropbox to synchronize the two, make sure that the Dropbox application is running on the Mac, and double-check the Dropbox settings on the iOS device.

Information about configuring Dropbox can be found here: … g-with-ios

What version of Scrivener do you have on the Mac, and with which version of Mac OS?


Thank you. I now have version 10.15 on my mac - not sure about the version of scrivener. I’ve tried to upgrade but it’s asking for my license number, which I don’t know and can’t find a record of.

The Scrivener → About Scrivener command should tell you what version you have.

Did you originally acquire Scrivener from us directly, or via the Apple App Store?