Accessing project notes QuickRef panel when NOT in full scr.

I absolutely love the QuickReference panels in Scrivener 2. :smiley:

I have a widescreen monitor, so I like keeping a QuickRef panel and the keywords HUD open beside the corkboard. BUT. When I’m not in full screen, I can’t access the project notes in the QuickRef panels. It would be sooo nice (and visually helpful) if I didn’t have to open the inspector to get to the project notes.

On a widescreen monitor, you could have the corkboard displayed in its full glory and still have plenty of space to display the keywords HUD (that way it could double as a legend), AND have a project notes panel open right beneath the keywords panel…
snaps out of daydream mode

( :open_mouth: Here Keith goes, “Why don’t they read the bloody manual. And, oh, now she wants a project notes QuickRef panel, eh? WHEN NOT IN FULL SCREEN?! What next, hook up a bloody tea timer to the index cards’ pins?!”)

[size=85]P.S. Don’t be mad at Cady.[/size]

opt-cmd-P :slight_smile:

Thank you, MimeticMouton.
Now I owe you my firstborn. :smiley: