Accessing project on Dropbox

So I’m happily working between my Mac mini and MBA on the same projects stored in Dropbox (backed up to two different places as well as time machine etc) and all is working well as I am careful to quit one before opening in another.

The only thing I am struggling with is also sharing settings like the text Highlight Colour names (I have renamed them so they denote different actions, ‘rethink’, ‘check’, ‘move’ etc). I’ve tried to save presets and themes onto the Dropbox folder and load them in the other project but these Highlight Colour names stubbornly refuse to come across, although everything else seems to be OK.

Is it possible to somehow save these with the project? I could of course recreate them in the second Scrivener but then I’ve also forgotten how I did it in the first place :blush: , and besides, I don’t want to have to change things twice if I add new ones or change them.



I’ve figured out that amending the highlight color names to something more interesting is actually something done in the Colors panel under swatches (Scrivener is another color swatch) and therefore not stored within Scrviner settings. Dug it out of the library under Colors and copied it to my other computer. Problem solved.