Accessing Scrivener 3 files via Windows

I have a desktop running Windows and a laptop running OSX. I do all my Scrivener work on my laptop and save it to Onedrive. Unfortunately, my laptop bricked itself recently and I’ve realised that I can’t access my Scrivener files from my desktop computer as Windows won’t support Scrivener 3.

I’ve downloaded the Beta and used that to get past a deadline and copypaste urgent files to Word - but until I sort my laptop situation out there’s a lot I can’t access (the Beta ran out yesterday).

Is there a way of applying to extend the Beta version on my Windows machine?
Or, can I save my Scrivener 3 files so they’re compatible with the earlier version of Scrivener running on my desktop?

Obviously, I wouldn’t have updated Scrivener if I’d realised it would stop my Windows machine from accessing my files, but that’s hindsight for you…

You can download the latest beta version here:

Updates presumes you close and re-open the product occasionally for it to work.

To keep the beta updated:

F12 / General / Startup / Automatically check for updates

To check manually for updates: Help / Check for updates (which won’t work after the beta expires, obviously)