Accessing search field with keyboard?

Is there a way to access/jump to the search field in the toolbar using the keyboard? I know you can do project search using keyboard shortcuts, but this seems to provide different options than the other search field does – e.g., no keyword search from there.

Ctrl-cmd-F. :slight_smile:

Is there a way though to get the search options (e.g. “draft only”) via the keyboard? I was just messing with this and I haven’t found it yet.

Thanks for the response – I realize now that my command+control F was calling up another program’s search field (Spell Catcher) which I mistook for a scrivener function that looked odd.

I join in the question about changing the search parameters w/ keyboard.

thx to all

No, there’s no way to do that via the keyboard unless there is some built-in way in OS X to bring up arbitrary search field menus that I don’t know about…