Accessing the system font

Hi there.

I’m not sure this is related to Scrivener, but I thought I’d try here anyway.

I’m trying to change some of Scrivener’s synopsis font to the regular system font. Trouble is that I can’t see ‘System’ or ‘San Francisco’ in the font panel. How do I get at it?

It’s not really a Scrivener question, since we use the same OS X font chooser that almost every other OS X program does.

I think, though, that Apple hides the system fonts so users can’t see them. I’m not able to find those fonts via TextEdit on my system, either.


Yes, I think you’re right. Scrivener defaults to the system fonts, but if you change them to something else then you can’t get the original system font back again.

Easiest thing to do was reset back to the defaults (system font setting restored) and go from there.

For whatever reason, Apple has hidden the SF system font, so if you wish to use it directly, either in documents or as interface settings, you’ll need to install it (developer account required, at least there :wink: ).