Accidental delete


I wrote today for several hours and neglected to ‘backup project’. At one point I switched to a different text area in the binder, then leaned town to pick up a glass of water. It seems that my arm hit ‘backspace’ and deleted the whole section, which contained a significant amount of new work on my thesis. Undo would not un-delete my error, and of course, scrivener saved automatically with the new section deleted. I had not taken a snap shot in a while.

I’ve lots extremely important writing. Is it gone forever?


Did you look in the trash bin ?

Brilliant, thanks. I’m new and I never saw that there. Cheers.

Just for future reference, this is covered in the FAQ, the screencast video on the main website, in the interactive tutorial (which I recommend all new users take the time to go through) and in the Help file. It also works the same as iPhoto. It’s not that I have to explain this a lot, or anything. :smiley:

Heh heh. I’m a software tech writer by day (and yes, I do manage to use Scrivener for that, too), and I can say without any irony that I feel your pain.

I figure, the pain of spending twelve months writing a 200 page manual (and online help, and FAQ) that nobody will ever read is offset by the pleasure I get when one or two people do, and contact me to say ‘wow, I really like your style. Not like a manual at all’.