accidental delete

hello, i accidentally deleted a word using find and replace throughout my document. how do i access its history and go back to change?? (basically, the control + Z ‘undo’ function on windows). help much appreciated. thanks

it’s removed the word in the entire draft, and even deleted the word in stuff in trash. it just makes a beep noise when i try and do cmd + z. where should i look to find the history of this doc and undo, please?

Did you use Project Replace? If so, it cannot be undone. You can, however, just swap the words around and do another replace. If you used document replace, that can be undone, using cmd-z.

hi keith, thanks for the quick reply and your advice. i did a project replace but i replaced the word with nothing. i meant to do it for a selection but did it for the whole document. and so i went back and put it in one by one.

surprised there isn’t a history function, like google docs, where you can see all the modifications made to the doc over time, rather than this snapshot idea. i would have thought it, in a writer-focused piece of software, it would be easier to undo changes that it seems to be. (i just bought the software this week.) i think that would be useful in a future update.

also - is there a way to search and select words by case. for example, search for JOHN rather than John or john and make modifications/format changes to just the word in that particular style?

But the Snapshots feature is the history function.

How would you implement an auto-versioning system? Saving versions of all docs that have been changed during every auto-save? That would slow Scrivener to a crawl, and fill your HD up with thousands of documents that you don’t need. Saving versions when you close the app? Fairly pointless, and it wouldn’t have prevented what happened to you. Saving versions only when you ask it to? Well, that’s the Snapshots feature.

As Antony points out, Google Docs is incomparable to Scrivener. A Google document is a single document - a Scrivener project contains many documents. There is no versioning system and nor is there plans for one (it’s worth remembering, too, that Google Docs has a team of many, whereas Scrivener has a team of one behind it - me). You can take snapshots of all documents quickly and easily before doing a global change. Or you can back up the whole project.

As for case-sensitive searches - yes. There is a search for this both in the project replace sheet and in the standard find box. And in the project search menu too.

All the best,