Accidental deletion

I a new to Scrivener. I have taken the tutorial provided but didn’t see anything about block quote there. I was trying to delete a block quote I had created and tried both of the block quotes under Menu/Format/Formatting. Then I realized it was deleting the block quote format from the software itself instead of deleting the block quote from my page.

Please tell me how I can get these two block quotes back in the software?

Also please tell me how to delete a block quote from the page.

Thank you.

The tutorial mainly covers the core features of the software, it doesn’t get into everything you might encounter. The formatting presets that ship with the software are samples of how the feature can be used in your own work.

To reset the presets to the factory default, delete your custom preset file. You will find this in your AppData folder:


The “TextPresets.bin” file should be moved to the recycle bin with the software closed. Now reload the tutorial and you should see all of the options returned.

It’s not a matter of deleting so much as just changing the format to look normal, which usually easiest done by selecting another preset, such as “Body”. You may want to update “Body” to look the way you want, first. Just put the cursor anywhere in a sample paragraph, and use the Format/Formatting/Redefine Preset from Selection/ sub-menu to choose the specific preset to update with the current formatting settings.

Thank you Amber D. I have copied your instructions and will work on them tomorrow. Much appreciated!