Accidental Deletion

I’m a new Scrivener user. The program is excellent and the best tool I’ve found for writing on the Mac.
However, one problem I discovered was how easy it is to accidentally delete a page (or folder) from the Binder. I panicked when I lost a page of several hundred words, tried to Undo, but the Undo was grayed out in the Edit menu. Only today did I discover the Trash icon. There’s no visual or audible indication when a document is moved there. One suggestion to improve this would be to use the standard Mac wastebasket sound (or screen flash when sound is turned off). Another helpful visual indicator could be provided by highlighting the Trash or changing the icon to indicate that it is not empty. It would also be helpful for newbies who experience this if a note on this were prominently displayed in the Help file. :neutral_face:

Well, it is actually in big bold letters in the tutorial, mentioned prominently in the Help file, covered in the FAQ, and mentioned in the tutorial video. :slight_smile:

However, because this does get a lot of new users, the keyboard shortcut for deleting documents in 2.0 has been changed to the Finder shortcut of cmd-delete, so that you can’t accidentally move things to the Trash by hitting the delete key.

Glad you’re liking Scrivener other than that so far - thanks for the kind words!

All the best,