Accidental Deletion

I’ve just recently bought Scrivener and absolutely love what I see (it’ll be even better when Keith brings out 2.0 with the facility for margin notes). I’ve loaded the latest draft of my current book to continue working on it. Elsewhere in the forum someone broached the subject of accidentally deleting something from the binder but I’m more concerned with deleting text I’m working on, you know by highlighting something and accidentally deleting it. There is an undo facility but with Scrivener saving continuously, every couple of seconds (which on the one hand is great!) there’s little or no chance to use undo before it saves again . . . and presumably undo doesn’t work on a saved page . . . or does it? Maybe there is no straight-forward answer but I would love to hear people’s thoughts or solutions.

Undo will continue to work until you close scrivener. This is normal behavior for mac applications.

Yes, save certainly doesn’t trash undo. And in fact, each main text has its own undo stack, so you could make some changes to a text, switch to a different document, switch back, and undo would undo the changes you made before. Undo does get reset in certain circumstances (such as in Edit Scrivenings, although in most situations you will be told, but not always). If you’re ever worried about not being able to undo changes you are about to make, though, just hit cmd-5 to create a snapshot. A snapshot is a permanent “freeze-frame” of the text as it is when you make the snapshot, and you can return to that version at any time in the future.
Hope that helps.
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Wow Keith,

You’ve thought of everything!! Much safer than Word from the sound of things. I’ll be glad to leave it behind. And your support is hard to beat. You got back to me in ten minutes:-)