Accidental drag and drop with touch screen

My primary system for both writing and working as a scientist (data analysis, code book creation, manuscript writing for publication with collaborators who use Word, etc) is a Surface Pro 3. I’m in the habit of using the touch screen constantly as 90% of the time I’m on the machine I’m working with software that is touch-friendly. Scrivener is anything but in my experience. I keep accidentally dragging and dropping my scenes within the binder, often without realizing I’ve done it. It’s gotten to the point that my projects end up needing careful restructuring over and over again because half the scenes are out of order by the time I finish an edit pass. In a novel with 30+ scenes, this can be quite a cumbersome process. Is there any way to turn the drag and drop “feature” off in the binder? If not, I might have to consider alternate software, because this is just soaking up way to much of my limited time for writing fiction.

It’s basically impossible to use scrivener in touch mode at the moment, especially using the binder. for example i constantly accidentally drag and drop things when trying to use touch to scroll. i can’t find any options to improve the behaviour with touch so i would like to request this feature.

I resorted to make my scrollbars wider and that solved it for me. (Fingertip size no longer an issue.)

I also at times use the on-screen touchpad.

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