Accidental Duplication

Help! I was attempting to paste something I had copied into my manuscript when, instead, the chapter duplicated itself and the two versions sat side-by-side on my screen. I have no idea what I did, but I did something else and the original disappeared and only the copy remained on the editor. When I look at the binder, I can see there is an icon suggesting an additional page in Chapter 18. HOw do I get rid of the unwanted copy and return to the original?

HI buddy, the best way would be to undo and if not working reseting till that would get the work done.

Waxa Smith

First, before opening and closing your project too many times, locate your backup folder (Scrivener->Preferences->Backup has a button you can click to open that folder). Make copies of your project’s backups somewhere else while you figure this out. It could be you’ll need to open one of those copies, and drag that document from binder to binder.

Second, it’s hard to tell from your description what the issue is. Can you get a screenshot of the part of your binder that you’re having trouble with? Also, what to you see in the editor when you click on either the copy or the original in the binder? You should just see the text and inspector contents (depending on which section of the Inspector is visible).