Accidentally Changed New Text Default

I was cruising along writing my novel and successfully adding “new text” as needed, but after exploring the Character Sketches section and creating a few, now every time I try to add a “new text” in my novel a Character Sketch template generates. Likewise, when I just click the green “add new” button, I get another Character Sketch template. Is anyone able to educate me on what I accidentally changed, and how I can convert it back to a normal blank text default?
Thank you!

Are you using the little arrow to the side of the green add button to select what new item you want?

Hello. Yes I have tried repeatedly to add a “new text” using that arrow, and I’ve tried just choosing the green add button, but both generate a “Character Sketch” template no matter where I am in my manuscript.

This has been reported a few times before. Take a look at this thread: [url=].

Thank you so much, David!

Maybe the glitch will be fixed in version 3. Since I don’t type directly into Scrivener, I decided that my workaround is ctrl+a+delete of the “Character Sketch” then copy and paste my content from Word documents.