accidentally deleted presets

hey, I’ve apparently deleted the formatting presets for block quotes, while working in an MLA document (trying to undo block quotes.) Now I can’t get Scrivener to block quote, as it was. Even tried opening a new document, and they’re gone from there as well. If I add block quotes back in, from New Preset from Selection, and tell it block quotes, it doesn’t work for formatting.
Any help is very much appreciated.

Presets are a universal setting, so you won’t find them in any of your projects if you’ve deleted them. It sounds like you are on the right path toward getting the back. Finding a paragraph that uses the block quote formatting you require, and then using the New Preset from Selection menu command is the way to go. It is difficult to say why that isn’t working for you without more information into what it is you are doing, precisely. I have no problem selecting “Line 42” and creating a preset from it, then going to “Line 58” and applying it.

thanks for your response. i’m a little confused & a new scrivener user.
when i go to format>formatting>apply preset, the preset for block quotes is gone, b/c i deleted it (format>formatting>delete preset>block quotes) thinking this would take away the formatting on the page, and not realizing that it was actually deleting the preset. i’d like to get the block quote preset back onto the apply preset menu choices, but when i add it on format>formatting>new preset from selection, it doesn’t have the formatting applied to it.
kinda bummed that even when i open a new document, the “block quotes” selection is still gone.

seems like there should be a way to get it back.

looks like i fixed it. i found a block quote, went to copy formatting, copied it. then new preset from selection, called it block quote, now it’s there again.

Well, you could “factory reset” you styles configuration file if it came to it, but in most cases it will just be easier to find a piece of text that looks the way you want the preset to use, and creating a new preset from it. Anyway, glad you got it sorted out!

To clarify: presets are stored formatting, kind of like a macro, that you can use to apply to selected text. Deleting or altering them does nothing to any existing text in projects you have open, closed or whatever.


I would actually like to factory reset my styles configuration file to retrieve presets (including Block Quote) I’ve inadvertently deleted. How might I go about this?

Many thanks for your time and help!

No problem. Just use the Reveal Support Folder in Finder menu command in the main Scrivener menu. This will pop up a window in Finder. From there you should see a ‘styles.plist’ file. Delete that, then start up Scrivener and presets should be back to the way they were when you installed.