Accidentally divorced main structure file from its /Files/Data/Setting folders

I tried to rename a project and it caused the .scriv file to be divorced from its/Files/Data/Settings folders

Never mind, I found a working copy in the Backups folder, sorry, still very much a Scrivener novice.

Glad you found your backups. I would say though that normally renaming the folder is of no risk, and is in fact the recommended way for changing the name of a project. Scrivener will detect the name change and also change the .scrivx file that you double-click on to load the project, too.

So something else must have happened, like dragging the .scrivx out of the folder, or maybe using some kind of unusual method for renaming files rather than the standard file system tools provided by the operating system.

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Thank you for the reply and info. It’s reassuring to have guides available in the Scrivener jungle.