Accidently deleted half the interactive tutorial...


I’m new to Scrivener and I was playing around with the software during the interactive tutorial, and I was just getting to the good bits about exporting to make an e-book when I discovered that I no longer have these files in the Binder. I had put them in a new collection and I think it was when I deleted that collection that they disappeared.

I’ve tried to restart the program but it seems they are gone for good.

Any suggestiones to where I can find this again would be great :slight_smile:



Deleting a collection won’t delete the files within it, because collections are just lists of files that exist within the binder.

If you just want to reset the tutorial, though, here’s how:

  1. With the project closed, move the tutorial project to your Mac’s trash via the Finder. If you aren’t sure where you saved the project, ctrl-click on the project file icon at the very top of the toolbar:

This will bring a menu which shows the path of the file. Click on the second item in the menu - which will be the folder in which you saved the project - to bring up a Finder window showing your tutorial project’s location. Then, just drag the file to the Trash icon in the Dock.

  1. Now, back in Scrivener, go to Help > Interactive Tutorial… Now that the original project is in the Trash, Scrivener will ask you to save a new, fresh copy to disk which you can then start going through.

Hope that helps.

All the best,