Ach! New download won't start

Hello everyone,
I downloaded Scrivener again because I had heard a few fixes had been implemented. However, now it won’t start! (I am running XP, SP3, and the 2005 and 2008 C+ redistributable thingies are installed.)
I get this message: “.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.” :angry: :cry:

Any ideas? :bulb: Thanks so much! I love this program and need to get it up again! :mrgreen:

And yeah I’m too emoticon happy. XD

Um…not an expert, here, but did you by chance drop the new download into a temporary file?

That is, when the box comes up asking to “save” vs “run”, did you click on “run”? I did that, and it caused me greif because it wasn’t downloading to the right spot. When I got clarifcation, I was told to “save” the download, then make sure I was in the Program Files directory, then make sure I was in the Scrivener file. After I clicked on ‘save’ in the window, I was asked if I wanted to ‘over-write existing files’, to which I clicked ‘yes’.

I didn’t have any problems opening Scrivener (or getting my work that I’d saved in Dropbox!) back into working order.