Ack! Lost all work from yesterday

Hi all - new to boards, but not to Scrivener. I’ve used it to write my last 3 novels and am currently working on book 4.

Yesterday, after a very successful day of writing, I closed my project, then copied and saved it to my various backup drives (usual procedure).

When I opened the project this morning, all my work from yesterday was gone. The back up files are mirrors of the same file. I’m about to tear my hair out. :frowning:

Process when I start in the a.m.:
– I open the previous day’s file
– I back it up to the same folder with new date: projectname-09-08-09.scriv
– I move the previous file to the archive folder and then work on the current day’s file.
This morning, I did exactly that. But, my 09-08 fie and now, 09-09 file have none of the 2500+ words I wrote yesterday nor any of the new notes. It’s like it’s reverted yesterday’s file before I started writing.

Any thoughts, clues? Commiserations?

I’m running Snow Leopard on a MacBook Air; on the latest update of Scrivener (1.53).

Maria Lima

And you don’t have any recovery folder or anything like that? Have you checked the in-project trash?

Carradee, thanks for the quick response - yup - nothing in the in-project trash. Not sure what you mean by recovery folder.

The project never crashed or anything. Just when I opened my file from yesterday - it didn’t have what I had written yesterday. :frowning:

I’m going to keep looking through all the dated files, just in case…

SUCCESS!! Was totally not Scrivener issue but over-tired writer issue. Seems when I did the “backup project to” yesterday, I somehow deleted the date/time stamp and overwrote an older version of the project.

Found it (gratefully) using spotlight and looking for a particular phrase I remember writing yesterday.

Sorry for the first post unnecessary angst, all!! (I’ve been lurking a long time, but just registered).

I think I’ll crawl back into my garret and write.


Glad you found your file Maria. Thanks for clarifying.

Hope book 4 continues with successful days of writing!

All the best,

Thats great news :slight_smile: Ill bet you`re mightily relieved.

I`ve just read ‘The Butler…’ Enjoyed it immensely.
Take care

Clicked in the window, replacing the selected “Save As” name with whatever you clicked, probably.

I’m glad you found it!

Sorry that I never replied again; I had my own settings/data angst today with a web app at work. Took most of the day to figure it out.