Ack. New projects now coming with a slice of recovered files

Not sure what I did to get to this state (honest, I’ve been working one project for months now, so this is the first I’ve tried a new project in a while), but whenever I try to create a new project, I get the following:

Then the binder opens. The recovered file is always the default not for the project type that discusses formatting, etc, but seems unrecoverable to my newbie eyes (I see the synopsis, but can’t see the file itself). I think its just the tips page, but since I don’t know what else I might be missing, am a little reticent to begin work in the new project space. Help? I saw previous bugs that seemed to revolve around either perms or directory existence - both are good (though right now, while testing, perms are actually a bit overpermissive, but what’s a little chmod 775 between friends). Any help appreciated!

This is a known bug, and it’s totally harmless. It only affects certain templates - the novel and short story ones, for instance - and will be fixed in the next update. You can just ignore it and delete the recovered files, or you can create a new project from the affected templates, delete the recovered files, and then use File > Save As Template to overwrite the originals with the fixed versions (which is exactly what I’ve done to fix them for the next update).

The issue is most likely to have been caused by a permissions error on my computer at the time the template projects were created. Recovered files simply means that some files were found in the .scriv package that don’t exist in the binder. The most obvious reason for this is that some some files have been trashed and the trash emptied, but permissions have somehow prevented the files from being deleted from the project package. These undeleted files are likely to have existed in the template projects for the past year or two, but 1.53 got better at detecting them and so is now reporting the issue - I missed re-checking the templates before putting 1.53 out. So you shouldn’t have any problems.

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Thanks for the help! My search foo must be weak - I honestly didn’t find it in the bug reports. Happy New Year!

The forum search isn’t always great, and it may have come up in the Tech Support area, I’m not sure. Have a great New Year yourself!
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