Acknowledgements and separator

After the final chapter I have Acknowledgements. If I treat it as a folder, it picks up a chapter number; if a text file, it’s preceded by a separator. Looking at the compile options, I can’t see how to avoid both.

Any suggestions, please?

Treating it as a folder, you can either set the item to compile as-is, which means that it will compile only the text in the editor, with the editor formatting, and won’t include any other elements or title prefix/suffix. Or you can take advantage of the ability to format items at different levels of the binder hierarchy differently. So for instance you could make your folder a subfolder at level 2 instead of at level 1, then add a Level 2 folder row in compile formatting and not include the chapter number for that row (and set any of the other formatting uniquely).

I settled on a sub-folder within an empty, untitled folder and selected As-Is with no page break for both…and magic happened.

Thanks once again, Jennifer, for your help.