"Action" paragraph changes to "Scene Heading" by itself

Hi. So here’s what happens. I’m wring my screenplay, humming along. I read over some stuff I’ve written and decide to make a change in an Action paragraph. I click on a spot in the paragraph where I want to make the change, the cursor drops in nicely – and the previously “Action” paragraph shifts to being a “Scene Heading” paragraph. I start to type and the new letters are all caps.

Two weird things in this: 1) the other letters stay the same even though all letters should always be all capped when they are in a Scene Heading. (When I purposefully switch a paragraph to Scene Heading on my own, all the letters do become capitalized.); and 2) It does not always happen. I’d say it’s about 50/50 though.

The problem is easily solved by just switching it back to Action when this happens and they continue on one’s merry way, but it’s a pain to have to do it all the time.

Thanks in advance for any help with this!


Have you changed your screenplay settings recently? Are you using a custom screenplay format? Did you start the project in an older version of Scrivener or Scrivener for Windows?

Thanks and all the best,