Activate auto-Complete

The update guide says “In the “Project” menu, “Meta-Data Settings”, “Auto-Complete List”, “Text Preferences” and “Set Selection as Templates Folder”/“Clear Templates Folder” were all separate commands in Scrivener 2. In Scrivener 3, all of these options are now set in a single Project Settings panel (Project > Project Settings…).”

My auto-complete list appears in the Project Settings, but it is not auto-completing in my text. How do I turn it on?

Did you try this from Section C.6 of the manual:

EDIT to add what I’d forgotten:

There’s also this from Section B.6.4 (note the options circled in the added screenshot from Preferences > Corrections):

I believe the above covers all of the salient points. As a side note, if you still have a copy of v2 floating around, you can save your preferences via the Manage… button in the Preferences panel from it, and then switch over to v3 and load your settings into the new preferences system. If you’ve tweaked little things like this over the years, that can get you a head start.

Thanks for your help. One box re scripts ticked in the general preferences, under the tab “auto-correction”, which has nothing to do with word completion. Too bad L&L fell on its face with Scriv3. I had read the manual portion you quoted but finally figured the problem out from your note.
Unfortunately, I threw away my copy of Scriv2, so I can’t roll back to it. Eventually L&L will probably get back to me and give me a copy. Then life will be good and my editor won’t be screaming, “Why can’t you just give the ms. in the format we agreed on?”

You’re welcome. I don’t know what’s generating your displeasure with Literature & Latte; that’s between you and you, or you and them. Just as a point of information––because of the multiple, recent changes, the support side of the business is currently quite busy.

You can get a legacy version of Scrivener here (you can use a Scriv 3 license for 2.9):

When a Scriv 2 project’s format is upgraded to 3, by default a backup of the project is made first. See Section 5.1.5 of the manual:

If you no longer have a backup or you’ve considerably added to the project, you have a specific option to export the project from Scriv 3 as a Scriv 2 project. I’ve never done it; I’d first do some research and then experimentation with a dummy project. The export option is in the Scriv File Menu:
Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 8.09.03 PM.png