activate autocomplete

I have discovered and filled the autocomplete list. How do I activate it?

You can complete using Option + Escape.

To turn on auto-complete: Preferences > Corrections, then ensure “Suggest Completions…type” is active, but not “script mode only.”

Should work for you after you uncheck “script mode only.”

Did this work for you?

YES. Thanks much. Unchecking “In Script Mode Only” was what I was overlooking.

I have a custom auto-complete list, and while if I keep auto-correct active WITHOUT only the suggest corrections from custom list selection, it does suggest the items from that list (ie, with special characters). But if I select only suggestion from custom list, it does NOT suggest the word I want or simply complete it with the special character.

?? For ex, I want pinon to be spelled the Spanish way with the ~ over the n, not pinion. I always have to try a few times with Mac to get it to do special characters right, and frankly I have to look up how to do them every time. It is listed correctly in the autocomplete list.

I don’t really want Scriv to do a lot of autocompleting. Just on special occasions. :slight_smile: