Activating document notes

Dear all,

First of all let me say how wonderful Scrivener is. I’ve just published a book using it ( … 632&sr=8-1). However, there’s a few things that I still don’t entirely get about it that would help my workflow.

I’m an academic who, like many other academics, uses a lot of pdfs. When I start a new writing project I drag them in an a research folder within it. Now, I normally attach lots of notes to pdfs using the document notes feature in inspector. What would be really good is to be able to collate all of the notes I’ve added to individual pdfs into a note file within the same project. I guess it’s possible to do this by exporting a draft with just the notes in it (is that possible?) and then bringing it back in again, but I’m wondering if there’s an easy workaround on this. I don’t really want to treat all notes as project notes because it’s useful to have them attached to individual pdfs (which I can then drag into new projects with the notes intact).

What do you reckon? Does anyone know of a straightforward way to do this?



Seems like you ought to be able to turn the Edit Scrivenings function to your advantage somehow. To do this, you would need to contrive to put your notes in the main text area, not in notes, though.

So, If you put your notes on the pdf into a subdocument of the pdf (or make the pdf a subdocument of a pdf-specific notes document/folder), you could then select the notes docs and then draw all the notes together with Edit Scrivenings. (Or, if there are enough of them that selecting them out manually would be a pain, put a unique tag in the docs, do a quick search and select all the doc results and Edit Scrivenings).

Maybe someone will have a slicker idea.