Activating software

I just bought Scrivener and when I input the code I was given, it doesn’t work. What do I do? Had I known there was no customer support contact than email, I would never have bought this software. Thus far, I am unimpressed. How it gets rave reviews is beyond me.

It’s always dissapointing when you can’t even get your newly purchased software to work on your computer. I’ve been there, and I know that sinking feeling. I suspect that once you get it working, you will see why so many people like Scrivener.

How would you suggest a very small company with a literally global user base, handle service requests and still keep the selling price from rising astronomically? Email, and this support forum are inexpensive, and work every bit as efficiently as most other methods. Few companies other than Microsoft or Adobe have the resources for phone support, and even they usually charge for the most instantaneous service.

You email their support who usually respond fairly quick.

Hi Kathy,

Sorry to hear of the difficulties with activation.

If you’re copy/pasting the serial number in, be sure you’re not inadvertently including a space at the end.

You can email the sales team here:

ETA: Kathy, did you purchase directly from L&L or did you buy from Amazon?