Activating versus registering

Had to use a different card, still no refund for my other card, but now I have an access code that was accepted, and my main computer which is a stand alone has message that says I must activate.

My question is how do I activate it, if that computer cannot access the internet?

See the following, I think. Also, possibly do a search on the forums for “offline activation” to see what others’ experience/guidance has been. … tion-error

Not sure, but I think at step 5 in the above, you’ll want to select
“Activate using a different computer that has web access”
rather than
“Activate using a web browser on this computer”.
I’m guessing that that will generate an Installation ID
and direct you to go to the other Internet connected computer,
fire up a web browser and go to
at which point the process will proceed as described.
At the end of step 8, you would receive the activation code in your email.
You would then presumably go back to the offline computer
and enter the activation code as discussed in step 9.

Somewhere in all this you’ll likely need to know your email address, Scrivener Serial Number Name (your name) and Scrivener Serial Number… all of which should be contained in the original purchase confirmation email.

Hope that helps.

There is no refund on the other card because, as we have explained via email and elsewhere, there was no charge. Please check with your credit card provider to check this. What you are seeing is a pre-processing figure that has not been deducted because something must have gone wrong in your browser during the order process. As we have also explained elsewhere, please do let us know if your provider says there really has been an extra charge and we will get in touch with our web store provider to find out exactly what has happened. We do obviously need you to reply to our emails for us to help you, though. :slight_smile:

I know David has already replied to the email you sent to us about activation, so please check your inbox and spam folders to make sure you have received our reply.