Activating window

I’m having a hard time to easily activate the window pane I was writing in while maintaining the selection of the text.

All of the expected places end up being modifiable in one way or another., like the title bar, for example.

This behavior is the same in the two main windows as in the document note window.

This means I have to click back into the window itself, loosing the selection. Is there an easy way to do this, or if not, could that be added to this, so that it is possible to activate the text without losing the selection?



I’m not sure what platform you are hailing from. The most basic way of selecting the main editors and the binder sidebar is Ctrl-Tab—that works on both platforms. It cycles through Binder-EditorA-EditorB and so is an easy way to jump about without modifying the selection. On the Mac it then circles around back to the Binder, but on the PC it stops at Editor B (or just, Editor, if there is no split of course).

Additionally you have the View/Move Focus To/ sub-menu, available on both platforms. We do not yet have these wired up for shortcuts on the PC, but if you are on a Mac you can use Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-E to jump to the primary editor, -R for the second split, and -B for the binder (there are some other direct jumps as well for the Inspector).