Activation Code from Amazon versus "Serial Number Name" and "Serial Number"

ErvIn Harris here.
I have searched the board for the answer, but to no avail. I just purchased from Amazon and installed Scrivener on a Windows HP i7 platform. Amazon/LL provided me with an activation code. However, the input box asks for a serial number name and a serial number – I have an activation code; then it ask for a serial number – again, I have a an activation code. AMAZONWIN-AAAA9AAA (not the real code of course, but the format is good) PLEASE HELP – what goes where .

Thank you very much for your help.

The Activation Code from Amazon is essentially a 100% coupon for use in our store. Amazon should have sent you a link to convert it to a Scrivener serial number:


My apologies Katherine. I found the link after tech responded instructing me what to do. Thank your for your response as well. Have a great evening.