Activation Error "License does not match product"

I was using scrivener’s free trial and when it ran out today, I purchased the educational license for windows as I am a currently enrolled student.
I entered my email and license code that I received in my email when prompted after hitting “Enter Licence…” on scrivener, but it threw up an error message saying

"Activation Failed
There was a problem activating Scrivener. Please try again in a moment, or restart your computer and ensure it is connected to the internet, then try again.

License does not match product"

I have tried all the suggested fixes from the message, but it still throws up the same error message.

I have gotten the code to work - the version I was on the trial of was likely the 1.0 version that I forgot that I had downloaded back in December. So I downloaded the most recent version and entered the code I had bought today and was able to open a file I was working on during the trial after it prompted to update the file’s verson.

However now I have the old 1.0 version and the most recent version sitting on my computer. I am worried about tampering with the 1.0 version at risk of messing up anything in the 3.0 version, and I can’t do anything in the application of the 1.0 because of the pop up that says my scrivener trial has ended.

Scrivener 1 and 3 install as independent programs. You should be able to uninstall the Scrivener 1 demo without interference of the V3 installation. Or you may even decide to leave V1 install as it is. It won’t harm your V3.